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  A specific area of expertise lies in the supply of anti-stick coatings for use in primary and secondary steel making processes where the adherence of slag can cause reduced refractory life (caused by excessive cleaning requirements) or can cost time in the cleaning process itself. In both cases, we may be able to help.

Typical examples would include bubbling lances where slag skulls can make handling difficult, ladle sides where falling slag could present a danger, slag grabbers and ladle lids.  Sampling lances, slag pot carriages, slag pot inner side walls and the application of materials to all refractories making up flow control systems where dis-assembly causes operational problems are further examples. The application of our anti-stick products in all these applications can not only prevent damage to the substrate refractory, but can also help to sspeed up operational maintenance, thereby helping to improve productivity.

We can help with specific problems, or you may wish us to present our success stories that may be of interest to you. For a short initial discussion, or to arrange a meeting, please feel free to contact us.