As passenger vehicles become lighter, quieter and generally more refined, so the demand for reduced noise of components increases.  This includes brake noise, and it is generally accepted that there is no single solution to prevent brake noise.  Different approaches may be taken at both the OE and also aftermarket levels, and many generally available greases make claims which are difficult to substantiate.  Our greases have been designed with the original producers of both automobiles and also braking systems and have been in use and specified by leading worldwide companies for over twenty years.

Our materials are always designed with the full application environment in mind.  Water washout tests, corrosion tests, temperature capability tests and also rubber compatibility tests are just some of the procedures carried out during the development of our products used to control brake system squeal.

Requirements of different types of braking system have also been taken onto account, and a small yet highly specified list of products is available to meet the needs of both designers and also aftermarket suppliers.  Workshop based application systems have also been specially developed to enable pinpoint and safe application.  Please contact us for further details.

We can help with specific problems, or you may wish us to present our success stories that may be of interest to you. For a short initial discussion, or to arrange a meeting, please feel free to contact us.nearly

Daikalub Series - Brake Grease Solutions.

Developed over twenty years ago with one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers, Daikalub series products are now specified worldwide by OEMs and component suppliers.

The following are available upon request from ourselves :

SAE2521 Results:

    >    UK University test results related to SAE2521 procedures.
    >    SAE2521 test results from European based opad manufacturer.
    >    SAE2521 test results from leading internationally renowned test house.
    >    SAE2521 test result from major European OEM.
These results show how large improvements in brake noise were achieved using Daikalub series grease products.
Technical Data Sheets,
Material Safety Data Sheets,
Detailed presentation documents indicating how the Daikalub series were designed and tested..

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