In the Cement and Lime industries, our efforts are concentrated mainly upon the design, manufacture and application of lubricating products for rotary kilns fitted with live supporting rings.  Anti-stick coatings are also available which can significantly enhance productivity between shut-down periods.

A unique system has also been designed (the Uniformity of Kiln Twist (UOKT) which can demonstrate the effectiveness of lubricating products applied to control migration of the live ring.  He system may be used whilst the kiln is operating, and has no effect whatsoever upon the operation of the kiln.  This system can be used to demonstrate the ability of our own materials to provide a consistent lubricating film between the ring and kiln support mechanism, which is required to ensure smooth running during normal kiln operations..

Application systems of various types have also been designed to ease application and improve safety during the application process.  Contact us for further details.main industries in which we have been involved include steel manufacturing, cement and lime production, automobile manufacturing and also third party work where our extensive knowledge has been used to create solutions for third parties.  Examples of some of our products and solutions may be found using the links above.
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