Our interests in the automobile industry lie in two very different areas, one of which is in the design of conveyor system lubricants, the other being coatings and greases used in the quest to reduce noise in passenger vehicle braking systems, typically brake squeal.

The conveyor lubricant range provides for the selection of products designed specifically for all types of conveyor system, whether they be overhead oven conveyors, floor mounted water-wash conveyors, or general purpose assembly conveyors.  Each product is designed specifically to meet the needs of each particular environment in which the conveyor system operates to provide the greatest technical benefits.

The brake grease products are designed specifically to provide the three most important criteria, they being to provide damping, de-coupling and also durability.  Our highest specificaion products are designed to last the lifetime of the rake system consumables, and are specified n=by many leadign automotive producers and component suppliers.

We can help with specific problems, or you may wish us to present our success stories that may be of interest to you. For a short initial discussion, or to arrange a meeting, please feel free to contact us.
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