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  Lubricants are applied to ladle plates for a number of reasons.  High performance coatings can be used to increase the working life of plates, and coatings are also available which can provide a degree of repair to the plates whilst they are still in the ladle gate system.  Sometimes repaired plates will have applied a coating which must act as a lubricant only for a few heats, and the make up of such products is different to those which provide a far hogher degree of performance.

The application technique for such products can also vary widely and this too places varying demands upon each coating. 

The Daika SealĀ® range of materials has been developed over decades to provide solutions for every type of ladle plate and every application technique that exists.  It is certain that we will have a material that can meet your needs.  If it is not a standard product, then a variant can be designed to match exactly the requirements you have..

We can help with specific problems, or you may wish us to present our success stories that may be of interest to you. For a short initial discussion, or to arrange a meeting, please feel free to contact us.the